The delivery time is at least 8 weeks.


We can offer an express delivery to the following surcharges:

10 % addition for delivery within 6 weeks after receipt of order

25 % addition for delivery within 4 weeks after receipt of order

50 % addition for delivery within 2 weeks after receipt of order

If to want make this use , terminate your booking and inform our service center following because of your desired date of delivery.

The appropriate acknowledgement goes to you immediately.


In addition to the prices we charge the following costs for transport and packing for delivery within Germany:


Parcel delivery (only small furniture/accessories) we supply within Germany for a shipping fee of € 7,50 incl. VAT.


Shipping goods in Germany
a) Pick up by the customer
Their furniture can be picked at any time with us. Please keep in mind that our furniture unpacked and mainly can is available in one piece to pick up and be correspondingly heavy and bulky. Costs not incurred at the pickup. Please advance appointment with our service center.
b) Delivery of forwarding to curbside
Please here, that mainly in a piece of our furniture delivered and can be correspondingly heavy and bulky. Delivery to curbside following cost:
Delivery within Germany        6    %   of the gross value of goods
Delivery within Austria                  10    %   of the gross value of goods
Delivery within Switzerland                    12,5 %   of the gross value of goods
c) Comfort Service –  Delivery to place of use
Your furniture are with 2 man up to the point of use supplied – up in your Living room, on your terrace or similar – there unpacked and the packaging material disposed. We offer this service for a flat fee per delivery within Germany by € 595,00 invl. VAT (Comfort delivery to Austria and Switzerland on request) .


For customers in all other countries we offer the above mentioned variants on request.


Additional note: for our Swiss customers, please note that each consignment from abroad for you is subject to VAT and customs. In the postal traffic is the customer, both individuals and companies, as an importer and is obliged to pay the amounts incurred. These are by Swiss Post or charged the shipping company upon delivery of the shipment.


For further questions, our service center staff is available under the telephone number +49 (0)251 – 2 84 17 86 or by email on week days from 08:00 am to 6:00 pm to help you.