Brand & design

How you can recognize a furniture by BAUHOLZ design DAS ORIGINAL?
Each BAUHOLZ design product is awarded the BAUHOLZ design DAS ORIGINAL BRANDING after a quality control, which characterizes the furniture as an ORIGINAL.

Who develops the typical BAUHOLZ design DAS ORIGINAL design?
BAUHOLZ design DAS ORIGINAL stands for a clear, straightforward form language and purist, innovative design. The products and project interiors are developed as well in the internal design team, as increasingly in cooperation with external designers. In the future, the company’s focus will be on sustainable development and innovative design in the niche segment matured timer.

Have the furniture of BAUHOLZ design DAS ORIGINAL already received awards?
Some of our tables have already been awarded the DESIGN PLUS Award for the use of innovative materials and outstanding design. In 2012 they have also been nominated for the design prize of the BRD.

Outdoor & care

Can you use BAUHOLZ design DAS ORIGINAL furniture also in outdoor?
Our products can also be used outdoors (except for our crude steel versions) if they are not exposed to direct weather (for example on a covered terrace). Over the years, the furniture gets a typical silvery patina due to the sun. Please note that the weathering process is faster in the unprotected outdoor area. Wood is a natural product and needs, as well as high-quality consumer goods, regular care and maintenance. Only then is our condition for warranty and product liability fulfilled

Characteristics of the Natural Oil:
– water- and dirt-repellent
– according to DIN 53160
– according to DIN EN 71 Part 3
– vegan

How are the BAUHOLZ design DAS ORIGINAL furniture best cleaned and maintained?
The easiest way to clean the furniture is with mild soapsuds and warm water (please do not use aggressive cleaning agents or high pressure cleaners). If the furniture is stored outdoors during the winter, we recommend that the furniture is provided with a water-resistant protective cover and that some air circulation is guaranteed to prevent moisture build up.

We recommend the offered treatment with an appropriate oil, as well as the renewal of the oiling every 1 – 2 years. Please see the following maintenance instructions.
BAUHOLZ design DAS ORIGINAL also offers an exclusive range of care and maintenance services.


Production process

Where are the furniture manufactured?

The furniture is manufactured handmade in our factory in the westphalian Munster, so 100% of ‘Made in Germany’. The pure production in Germany is sustainable selling point as a seal of quality for our BAUHOLZ design DAS ORIGINAL furniture.
How are the furniture manufactured?

The production of furniture begins with the selection of planks and old wood. Not every beam is suitable for BAUHOLZ design DAS ORIGINAL furniture, i.e. inappropriate planks are sorted out right at the beginning. Appropriate planks are first cleaned and free of nails and other coarse residues (e.g. mortar). The planks in 100% hand work are then ground and brushed. While we paid attention to that not too much the individual traces such as paint, burning stamp of the scaffolding companies or similar is removed. This procedure creates the typical BAUHOLZ design DAS ORIGINAL patina.

Raw material

Where exactly does the raw material comes from?

We take our 3-4.5 cm thick planks mostly by German construction companies. They are non-system planks, because only these planks are not impregnated and therefore are unencumbered by pollutants. In our new Limited Edition collection, we offer also high quality old wood, such as used beams and oak boards from demolished houses and buildings in Germany and some of our European neighbors.
How old is the raw material?

The planks and beams are about 10-30 years old. The use, storage and handling of wood by the scaffolders decide about the appearance of the surface. The beam color can not directly be dialled when ordering, but is rather dependent on the currently existing raw material. Our used oak planks are over 100 years old.
What kind of wood you use?

The used planks from BAUHOLZ design DAS ORIGINAL furniture consist primarily of coniferous-wood, exactly spruce, fir, larch or pine tree. For the table-leg we use square timber of soft wood lumber. The used limited old wood from our LIMITED EDITION is consisting of hardwood, which one is produced of first-class old oak plank.

Special commission & unique

Can BAUHOLZ design DAS ORIGINAL furniture be made to measure

All BAUHOLZ design products are produced individually for our customers. Special commissions and individual dimensions are available at any time upon request.
What exactly does ‘every piece of furniture is unique’ mean?

Every single plank and every selected matured timber used in our company has its own individual traces of use and patina. From the already very different planks, handmade unique products are created. Each of them are specifically manufactured for the customer and none resembles the other. Each customer is thus receives ‘his’ individual BAUHOLZ design DAS ORIGINAL product with its own history.


What kind of individual traces are in the wood?

The individual surface of furniture is created by various signs of use. Color and food residue, impact holes from nails, etc. are tracks that have arisen in the course of years of use of the planks. Smaller cracks are desired, material-related properties. See also section 5.3 of our policies.
Is the surface treated? What options do you offer in the interior?

Basically we offer untreated ‘nature’ our furniture, because our philosophy most closely corresponds to and feel brings out the furniture the best of. On request we offer the furniture but also in oiled variant in the Interior, giving the furniture a little smoother and not sensitive surface. We ask this to note that through the rites the typical BAUHOLZ design patina something suffers, i.e. the wooden whizzing yellows ‘. Lubrication should be carried out rolling repeatedly in the 1-2-year.
Properties of the used oil:
-water and stain resistant
– tested according to DIN 53160 saliva – and standard
– in accordance with DIN EN 71 part 3, meets the European standard on safety of toys (migration of heavy metals), tested
– Vegan


How the furniture of BAUHOLZ design DAS ORIGINAL helps to conserve the environment as well as the nature and their resources?

For our BAUHOLZ design products no tree has to fall anymore. The planks and glued-laminated timer, which have been used for many years under construction, are given a life as a long-lasting UNIQUE. The preservation of resources and nature is firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy. We attach great importance to sustainable action at all levels.